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Graeme Brown has been dancing for most of his adult life. After returning to Orange, Graeme decided to open a clogging dance school – called Blue Heeler Cloggers.

Clogging is something that has captured his heart and he has specialised in this form of dance.

Graeme is accredited to teach clogging and has been writing his own dances, whilst clogging for nearly 12 years.

Shelby Ashelford has tried many forms of dance – however, the great thing about clogging is that you don’t need a partner.

Shelby has been clogging over 11 years and is also accredited to teach this dance form. Shelby not only writes her own dances - she creates new steps.

Blue Heeler Cloggers motto of “Dancing with Bite” – sure inspires new dancers to give it a go.

Why we are called "Blue Heeler Cloggers"

We wanted a name that expressed our style of dance.


It had to be a term that was truly Australian.


And because you use your heel to keep the beat of the music - this seemed the perfect choice.


So that is why we are called Blue Heeler Cloggers - and yes! we are Dancing with Bite

Dancing with Bite

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