What is Clogging?

From deep within the Appalachian Mountains a form of dance was created by the mountain folk who settled there.

As migrants from all over the world took the opportunity to make America their home – they each brought their own forms of dance to the ‘new world’ and these along with influences from the Cherokee Indians and  Black Africans became 'clogging'.

So clogging is a melting pot of all the different cultural backgrounds and the dance steps they used to do in their homelands. 

When it was time to meet the neighbours, a hoedown was organised, some bluegrass music was played and some fancy footwork occurred. It really is a celebration of life and dance.

Age is no barrier – as people from 3 to 93 can clog.

It is a dance where you can be an individual or part of a group and dances are now done to many types of music. 

You will dance to the beat of the music and a teacher will tell you what step you need to do next, so come along to a class to see what you could be doing.

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 This is a picture of a Clogging Shoe

(By the way you don't need one of these to start clogging)




We use a special clogging tap to make lots of noise!

Dancing with Bite

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