Videos of Appalachian Square Dancing

Blue Ridge Mountain Dancers - this is the oldstyle - see how it is done

An incredibly gifted group of teenager cloggers was formed in 1962 out of the mountain town of Hendersonville in North Carolina


VIDEO 1:  You will hear the caller telling them the next movement in this video  2:26 mins


VIDEO 2: And this video is considered as one of the best bluegrass clogging videos ever!!!  6:15 mins


Below are same photos of them having fun


For forty-five years now, the Green Grass Cloggers have been kicking up their heels with their own style of clogging in their home state of North Carolina, as well as across the country, and around the world. Inspired by traditional mountain-style clogging teams and influenced by Appalachian flatfooters and buckdancers, they developed an original, eclectic style of dance, which was a radical departure from traditional team clogging. By the end of the 1970s, clogging groups inspired by the Green Grass Cloggers had formed in many places across the country. Overseas, the Green Grass Clogger-style was adopted by groups in Japan and in England, where today it is the predominant style of ‘Appalachian’ clogging. 

The Green Grass Cloggers are a performance group that has been active since 1971

Here are some video performances of Square Dance Movements:

"Teacup Chain"  2:37 mins

"Indian" 4:36 mins

"Pivot" 3:43 mins

Hickory Flat Hoedowners - show how is it is done

Hickory Flat Hoedowners has Garland Steele as one of its members. Garland wrote the Encylopedia of Traditional Appalchian Square Dancing with Bill Nichols

This is again a performance team, but have a look at the fancy foot work that is happening.

4 Couple Traditional 5:15 mins

Apple Chill Cloggers

The Apple Chill Cloggers formed in 1975 as an outgrowth of the University of North Carolina Clogging Club - they are a traditional dance group.

Watch their video of Dancing the "Carolina Star" 5:52 mins

This dance only has six people square dancing 5:19 mins


Davis & Elkins Applachian Emsemble

Here is another video showing you can dance with just six people

Rager 3:54 mins

Appalachian Big Set Square Dancing

Big Set or Big Circles can have lots of dancers doing the same movements at the same time.

Just add some freestyle clogging to this video and you have Appalachian Square Dancing

the caller is Phil Jamison 5:35 mins

Dancing with Bite

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