Heeler's Hoedown 2017

Let's get back to the true roots of clogging.

To how it all began back in the Appalachian Mountains and have a Hoedown.

And that means a fiddle player, live music and traditional freestyle clogging.


A hearty meal, live music, Freestyle Flatfooting, Freestyle Buck Dancing and Appalachian Square Dancing makes a Hoedown! And that's what you'll be doing at Heeler's Hoedown.


There will also be an inaugural award the "Jarfly" (with different levels of dancing).


Benefits for Dancers:

  • Dancers will get to try "freestyle mountain dancing"  to live music. There will be workshops on Saturday to teach us how to freestyle in Buck or Flatfoot and then how to dance to live music.
  • We will also get to learn Appalachian Square Dancing (which is freestyle mountain dancing OR clogging  with old-style square dancing - combined together). So you will learn the formation movements for the square dancing component and add them with the freestyling Buck or Flatfoot; again all to live music.
  • (Note: Appalachian Square Dance Movements are called/cued)


Benefits for Musicians:

  • Get to ‘Jam’ with other musicians who play live bluegrass and old-time music for dancers who appreciate this style of music & who will be able to dance to it in a traditional style.
  • Learn how to play for Appalachian Square Dances.
  • Tempo, Rhythm, & Various Style workshops will be available on Saturday


Here is one of our Tutors - Judy Jones, calling an Appalachian Square Dance recently in Sydney.

See how the musicians and dancers have big smiles on their faces!

Heeler's Hoedown Logo

As our logos states - there will be lively folk dancing.

Guest Teachers will conduct Workshops in:

  • Buckdancing
  • Flatfooting
  • Appalachian Square Dancing (clogging and square dancing combined)
  • Mountain Music

There will be a live music


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